About Us

About us

SEAMS has been born out of need. Mentoring many small businesses over the years made us realize that:

  • They are strapped for cash
  • They do not have the resources to forecast their cash-flow so many times get sand-bagged with payments they can’t afford to pay
  • Many are not computer-savvy

A research revealed that there is no available solution, and those that do forecast their cash-flow do it on a spreadsheet.

So, we set out to create a solution. Our guidelines were that it needs to be:

  • Simple to use
  • Free

Enter SEAMS – Small Enterprise Administration Management System. A big name for a small solution, but since in future we foresee more similar services being made available we thought it best to have a name that will encompass them as well.

SEAMS provides business owners with a simple and free tool that allows them to forecast their cash position for the next 30 days. We accomplished it by limiting the required data to 3 elements only:

  • Description (i.e. Rent)
  • Date
  • Amount

And one report – a list of the next 30 days’ daily closing balances, taking into account for each day the previous day’s closing balance +/- money in/out in the current day. That’s it.

And it’s free. The only details required to sign-up are email address and password. Upon signing-in for the first time you’ll be asked for an opening balance (which you are able to update at any time afterwards).

So enjoy using SEAMS and feel free to contact us with any comments, suggestions or requests.