Frequently ask

SEAMS is a free and simple cashflow projection system
SEAMS can suit any business but is particularly suitable to small and medium businesses with limited resources
SEAMS is free and will remain free. In the future we might add some paid-for advanced features but the basic as it is now will always remain free
To sign up all you need is an email address and to create a password and will be required to enter an opening balance amount and date, that will be the baseline for all future closing balances. From then on any transaction you add (i.e. Rent for Money Out or customer payment for Money In) is added or subtracted from the previous day’s closing balance to calculate today’s closing balance. The Reports page present the closing balance from today until 30 days from now. See How It Works for full details.
Because reality is dynamic it doesn’t make sense to forecast more than 30 days.
You can always go to the Money In or Money Out page, as may be the case, and change or delete the amount or date of payment. The closing balances will be re-calculated based on the new data.

This might happen because you were not aware (or forgot about) various transactions, or that transactions you predicted did not occur on the date and/or in the amount predicted. To rectify this you have 2 options:

To amend/add/delete the relevant transactions through the Money In/Money out pages

To enter a new opening balance date and amount on the Opening Balance page. Please note this is a “nuclear option” as it will delete all the transactions before the new opening balance date.