How it works?

The purpose of the SEAMS app is to help you, the small business owner with no time to spare keep an eye on your cashflow. With this in mind we have designed it to be as simple as A-B-C:

A. On sign-up you will be asked to enter the opening balance amount and date. This is crucial as all future cash-projections will obviously be related to this opening balance. You will be able to change the opening balance at any time (see below).

The only mandatory sign-up detail is an email address although you are welcome to add other details if you wish.

B. Go to Money-In to record an expected amount to be received by clicking the button. It can be a customer payment, loan, tax refund or any other transaction that improves your cash position;


Go to Money-Out to record an expected amount to be paid by clicking the button, whether vendor payment, salaries, loan repayment, taxes or any other transaction that reduces the amount of available cash

The only required data are amount, date and reference. The reference can be a vendor or customer name, description such as “VAT” or anything else that would help you identify what it’s about.

Note: do not use + or – signs. Simply enter the amount.

C. Go to Reports to see your expected cash-position for every day for the next 30 days.

That’s it, basically.

  • There are, though, a few other features:

    1. The Dashboard screen is a summary of all your activities and closing balances for the next 30 days.

    2. In the Money-In and Money-Out screens you can see all the transactions you will have entered, amend, duplicate* or delete them.

    3. In the Settings screen you can amend your personal details

    4. In the Opening Balance screen, you can enter a new opening balance. If you are not diligent enough in entering all the transactions, you may find that over time there is a gap between what the system shows and what your bank account shows. The best recourse is to make sure all the relevant data is in SEAMS but if you don’t have the time you can simply start from fresh by entering a new opening balance. Please note that ALL TRANSACTIONS PRIOR TO THE NEW OPENING BALANCE DATE WILL BE DELETED so please take this action only if and when unavoidable.

    5. * The "Duplicate" button can be used for repeated transactions - click it as many time you want and just enter an additional date.